About Us

City Square Lodge is a 100% citizen owned lodge that operates from Francistown, Plot 10078, Block 3 OR at X: 27.514854 Y: -21.195501.We are a Bed & Breakfast facility that has 10 rooms each with a telephone line, WiFi facility. All our 10 beds have en-suite facilities. We pride ourselves with a meticulously designed and well kept garden with a state of the art, weatherproof dinning area.

Our staff:

  • is well trained
  • is customer centric
  • is pro-active
  • is always welcoming and dedicated to their work
  • and serve each and every customer with a smile

The look and feel of City Square is one to keep each and every customer calling again – our view is – repeat business is the most sustainable form of business! We believe we will be your place of choice when travelling in the Francistown direction.